2021 Q4 and a sneak peek to 2022

The year 2021 was full of significant changes and exciting new prospects for BitDegree. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the most important events for us as a company.

Focusing on crypto education

The total number of blockchain users skyrocketed in 2021 and reached 300 million globally. As the demand for crypto content soared, we saw the potential to develop a crypto hub. Naturally, we launched the first iteration of the all-in-one crypto platform early in December.

After the launch of the crypto hub in December, our crypto community started growing. With more and more people joining us, we got confirmation of the need for a single place where everyone could find all the relevant crypto information they would ever need.

The alpha version of our crypto hub contained:

  • High-quality crypto courses developed by seasoned crypto instructors
  • Reviews of the most relevant crypto trading platforms
  • Tutorials and fact-based advice on choosing the best crypto exchanges
  • Discount codes for top crypto sites
  • Real-time trackers of NFTs and dApps
  • Latest news about dApps and other crypto ventures

As it turned out, it was a more significant change than we anticipated. Developing the new homepage helped us remember that BitDegree is (with all its heart and soul) and always has been a blockchain project. This reminiscence inspired us to develop new educational features and products that snowballed into something the world did not see before. We will share the fruits of our work in early 2022 Q2.

Today more people use crypto and blockchain than ever before. But even far more people have not started using it yet because they don’t know how. Lack of knowledge is the biggest gatekeeper, and crypto educators can solve this problem. We believe that we have what it takes to become the #1 platform for crypto education. We have the know-how, we mastered technology, and we have more than 1 million users to build new ideas with

— Danielius Stasiulis, CEO of BitDegree

He notes that BitDegree is always looking for instructors with experience in blockchain and crypto education. Contact us or upload your courses on BitDegree now, here: https://www.bitdegree.org/studio.

If you run a crypto project and wish to connect with our community, let’s talk: hello@bitdegree.org.

Building partnerships and connecting with the community

While some team members were working hard to develop significant changes for the platform, others focused on networking and building partnerships.

We successfully attended a blockchain and play2earn hackathon. A “Biggest Social Impact” award was presented to team BitDegree for combining play-to-earn mechanics with online education, competitions, and Space Doggo NFTs.

You can read more about the P2E Hackathon in a dedicated blog post: Play-to-Earn and Space Doggo’s: BitDegree attends Hackathon.

The event was an extensive learning experience for our team and a chance to network with some big names in the blockchain industry. Animoca Brands, a leader in the Play-to-Earn game market with significant ties to top-tier games like Axie Infinity, was the most prominent name without competition. We also established closer relationships with Blockchain Center Vilnius and various blockchain projects. We hope these connections blossom into big things during the upcoming year.

In November, we also announced a partnership with the Cross-Dual-Chain DeFi ecosystem, ADA Finance. Together, we will be producing a Haskell Academy Program to educate and accelerate the building of decentralized applications on the Cardano blockchain. In-depth training will be offered to 20 Haskell academists while creating awareness for Cardano blockchain development.

All Haskell Academy graduates will be certified by BitDegree. They also may receive a paid internship at ADA Finance or become partners of the Haskell Academy program. Our partners expect BitDegree to catalyze the growth of the blockchain network.

Continue researching and improving the platform

In 2021, we teamed up with Tartu University to develop an improved methodology for online learning. In this project, we tested how we can improve the online learning experience and make it as effective as learning in classes. BitDegree plans to apply the findings to courses in 2022.

In Q2 2022, we will launch the last iteration of tests. Students will be able to take up to 4 courses for free: web design, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

We strongly believe that this project is a great learning experience for us. With every iteration, we discover new insights about what students want in online education, what motivates them to keep learning, and what doesn’t. It is valuable knowledge that will help us to improve the platform.

What to expect in 2022

We expect 2022 to be the most incredible year for BitDegree so far! We will keep focusing heavily to fulfill our ambition of becoming the #1 crypto education platform globally. To achieve this goal, we plan:

  • To explore new dimensions of blockchain technology in Q1. Our goal is to find more exciting blockchain use cases to attract even more students, lecturers, and businesses.
  • We will continue experimenting with new promising products. One of which is Learndrops — the “learn and earn” service that connects students and businesses that run complex services.
  • We will focus on inviting more well-known crypto, blockchain, and finance lecturers to upload their courses on BitDegree.
  • We will develop more crypto content ourselves: reviews, tutorials, and tips as articles and videos.

We will need more talented crypto enthusiasts to join our team to achieve these goals and tasks. If you are ready for the challenge of becoming #1 in the world, follow the open positions here.



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